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Wisdom - Classes 2024

Wisdom of  Water, Plants and Prayer, Part 2
February 15 - 22, 2024


Learn more spiritual ailments i.e. night terrors, dispelling dark and dense energy, chakra balancing, pendulum work, making flower essences, amulet making, guided imagery and daily spiritual baths.

More detailed Information will be posted closer to the date of class!

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Instructors: Dr. Rosita Arvigo and Eva Sengfelder

This class is contraindicated in Pregnancy!

Price: $2,250.00
Deposit: $550.00

Wisdom of  Water, Plants 
and Prayer - Part 1
March 7 - 14, 2024 

In this class you will learn to use water, plants, incense and prayer in spiritual baths to alleviate common physical, emotional and spiritual ailments of post traumatic stress disorders that healers of Central America have termed Susto (fright), Pesar (grief), Invidia (envy) and Tristessa (sadness).


You will learn grounding exercises, ancient prayers from Don Elijio and common plants from around the world to use at home for physical and spiritual healing. You will have a spiritual bath every day and learn to give them to your family, friends and clients. All faiths and belief systems are welcome.

This class is contraindicated in Pregnancy!

Every class ends with a Sacred Maya Primicia! 

Instructors: Dr. Rosita Arvigo and Eva Sengfelder

Price: $2,250.00
Eventbrite registration fee : $250.00

Balance due 4 weeks before class starts

Eva's embrace and care is unparalleled.

The joy and heart of these women is pure magic to be around
I couldn't have asked for what i received here. It was an unpredictable gift, beyond expectation. Being in a group of women being so open and honest together, so loving with each other, is such a beautiful and healing experience. Learning from Rosita and Eva's experience, from the healing and life stories of the women in is all so profound to do in the arms of mama ceiba and embraced by the land and love and spirits here.
Andrea Maria Lazarin

This course was a beautiful, supported opening into the realms of Mayan spiritual healing. Immersed in the lush Belizean jungle we bathed ourselves in the plants, modalities and spirits of the Maya cosmology. And found spaces opening, unfolding and waiting for our arrival. Wisdom of water plants and prayers could not be more aptly named.
Erin Domagal

The Wisdom of Water, Plants and Prayers retreat with Rosita and Eva was a powerful journey from start to finish. If you are looking to learn about plant medicine in Belize or ancient Mayan spiritual practices this retreat will certainly get you there. They provided our group with transformational week of learning and healing, going beyond my expectations. Rosita is a wonderful story teller and a complete wealth of information!! I highly recommend.
Sasha Campbell
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