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Wisdom of Water, Plants,and Prayers
Wisdom of Water,
Plants and Prayers

The Maya like many traditional cultures worldwide recognize ailments of the spirit as well as ailments of the body and are aware that there are both energetic and physical causes of illness.

Maya Spiritual Healing addresses several different emotional and spiritual conditions such as sadness, grief, fright and envy and gives you the tools to put you more in control of your own healing process.

Spiritual Healing uses plants, incense, herbal bathing, prayers (appropriate to your faith) and rituals. 

This work serve to rebalance and harmonize the human energy field so that we can attract good into our lives and repel what does not serve our highest purpose.

What to expect during a session

Traditionally the Maya people have used spiritual bathing as part of their healing practices. A spiritual bath is a method that can cleanse the body of spiritual dis-ease, by clearing blockages or stagnant Chu'lel, the Mayan word for energy, reconnecting you to the boundless Universal Energy.


The treatments are in my garden at the Farm. I prepare the herbal bath for you. You don't need to bring anything.

Together we will take a moment to set the intention for this ceremony.

After changing into a sarong, you are seated in a peaceful space as sacred copal incense is burned and directed around your physical body, moving the healing experience into your energy field. Prayers, appropriate to your faith, are directed into the pulse points inviting the divine spirit to provide support for your healing. 


Each bucket of water holds the charged plants and herbs which were gathered earlier in the day with gratitude, intention, prayer and reverence to aid in bringing their infinite powers to your bath. An aspersion begins with bundled herbs and water opening the door to your own inner guidance.

Once the bath is completed, you sit in quiet meditation as integration takes place, followed by a glass of water or tea.

This experience can be quite transformative, so please allow ample time to assimilate your senses.

Space cleansing

With moving into a new home space cleansing can shift  the energy left behind by previous tenants or previous house owners. Especially old houses with lots of previous owners benefit from it greatly.

If you are selling your house, have your home cleansed of emotional attachment and unresolved issues to help people feel welcome and safe and eager to move in. 

Space cleansing can help to shift the energy after a fight or an aggressive discussion or after a difficult visit of an envious person

Space Cleansing of your working area is helpful to support you with uplifting energy and a healthy environment. 


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Trust your intuition for it is coming from Angels whispering in your ear!

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