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Vibrational Healing-Sensitive Resonance Therapy

Painting the Energy Body

Information medicine is a new application and development of an age-old method of healing. It re-creates and re-discovers a method that has proved its merits for thousands of years through a synthesis with new developments in new-paradigm physics and biology. The basic premise of information medicine is the use of information to correct faulty or blocked information-flows in the organism. As the latest discoveries show, cells can be reprogrammed through the introduction of substances that provide the correct information. Electromagnetic information can produce corrective re-programming, introducing an era of soft, information-based healing not as a substitute for, but as a complement to, the current biochemical substance and physical intervention-based methods.

The information-based method I have learned is the one created by the Austrian scientist Erich Koerbler, called New Homeopathy. It harmonizes the electromagnetic field in the body through the use of specific geometrical forms.


The simplest tool for identifying resonance is a single handed dowsing rod, also called a tensor. It is easy to use and doesn't need a psychic talent. Vibrational information can be measured according to the yes/no principle and it can also be evaluated in terms of gradations through the energy circle. The energy circle indicates the degree of wholesomeness or the severity of the pollution. 

While there are many ways and many systems of describing energy in the body, this form of vibrational healing makes use of the energy terminology of Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine and Maya Medicine have many similarities (see "Wind in the Blood" Hernan Garcia, Antonio Sierra, Gilberto Balam, Jeff Conant)

The clear maps and sophisticated energy relationships described by Chinese medicine helps to identify areas and specific points of imbalance in the body.

"The theoretical foundations of the different methods of energy information medicine are all the same: everything vibrates. stones, colors, microorganisms, people, geometric figures, etc. - everything that exists has a vibration, projects information and communicates with everything else. If we equate a sick person with a musical instrument that is out of tune, then the organism could be properly retuned with the correct vibration. This is more or less the theory behind the many healing methods that heal with information and vibrations. They all have as their goal the harmonizing of a diseased organism by means of things such as colors, tones, frequencies, or symbols. When the harmonic "chord" within our resonant body is struck, energy flows again, and the organism receives new strength to allow the powers of self-healing to prevail. In this way illnesses are dissolved. 

New Homeopathy is also based on this principle. It alters disharmonious vibrations with the help of geometric signs, according to the theory that every painted line functions like an antenna and alters the existing vibration. If these biophysically active signs are drawn on acupuncture points, for example, they painlessly stimulate the powers of self-healing. We call this practice "painting the energy body". (Petra Neumeyer and Roswitha Stark: Painting the Energy Body)

The Energy Balance


Transferring Healing Information into Water

In addition to painting information directly on the body, it is often helpful to imprint more complex information onto something external, which can then be ingested or carried around for an extended period of time. The most common medium for imprinting and storing healing information is water. 

Scientists like Masaru Emoto began to experiment with the structure of water in the 1980th. With their photographs of frozen water crystals and an electron microscope they gave us the proof that water absorbs not only material substances but is also affected by thoughts, feelings, word, sounds and images. As the fluid that surrounds our cells contains 90 % of water so are our bodies.  

Like Erich Koerbler, we can use water's ability to store information to transfer healing impulses. He conducted many experiments with information transfer into water and other media and frequently presented his results to the public. He found that the coupling of line-sine curve painting in combination with the power of water makes it possible to "rewrite" information that has led to chronic symptoms. 


The cells have to be reminded of their original healthy pattern, which is best done by drinking water that has been imprinted with the desired new information. 

This process "erases" or rewrites the old, unwholesome information, transforming it into wholesome information. Healing can occur.

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Thank you!

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I love you!

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Water before and after blessing

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Eva Maria Sengfelder trained Vibrational Healing Techniques like Painting the Energy Body and Healing with Signs and Symbols with Roswitha Stark in Neusäß near Augsburg, Germany. She has helped several clients with emotional and physical problems with these healing techniques. 

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