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Mindfulness Coaching

Private or Group Sessions

Reduce Stress and Anxiety/Make Positive Changes

Would you like to calm your mind, be more at peace, and make positive inner changes?

Would you like to feel more self-confident and comfortable within yourself?

Would you like to learn techniques to overcome anxiety and fear?

A Mindfulness Coaching session is personalized and devoted to providing you with the relaxation and receptiveness

to make deep, inner, positive changes in your subconscious.

This allows you to erase negativity in your mind, and replace it with positive attitudes and responses.

The sessions are customized and can help in many areas, such as

  • Stress Management

  • Increasing Self Esteem and Self-Confidence

  • Overcoming Fears and Anxieties

  • Improving Relationships

  • Sleeping Better

  • Improving Health

Jane Mackler is a Mindfulness Coach who has worked extensively with mindfulness, anxiety and stress management, as well as helping people to achieve behavior changes on a deep, subconscious level.


She was the Founding Director of the Contemplative Education Center at the University of Quintana Roo in Chetumal, Mexico.


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“In a world full of doing doing doing, it’s important to take a moment to just breathe, to just be”