We feel fortunate that Mirna Plotkowski has joined our caring team, and we know you will enjoy her classes and warm energy.


Mirna is originally from Rijeka, Croatia. In 2002, after acquiring BA in Psychology, she moved to Los Angeles where she studied and thought equestrian therapy for the disabled. She started practicing Bikram yoga in 2008 and has enjoyed its physical and mental benefits since. Mirna moved to Belmopan in May, 2018 and has received RYS 200 certification in yoga from Om Shanti School of Yoga and Wellness in Belize City. Her teaching foundation is in Hatha yoga that includes practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help create health in the body and the mind.

Gentle Flow Yoga 


Gentle introduction to the most basic yoga postures where you will gain a deeper understanding of your body as you are guided through various yoga poses with mindful attention to alignment and the intention of linking breath to movement.  

This class is designed to ease away the stress from your week with conscious breath work, poses to build strength and longer stretching poses to relieve tension.


Core Strength Yoga


This yoga class is designed to build strength through the belly, side waist, gluts and back through simply organizing your body to hold and move, just by using your own weight.  You will be guided through various yoga poses and flows with proper use of your breath as the key component to working with your core.

This class will help you build strength and flexibility leaving you feeling charged and energized. Bring a towel and expect to sweat!

Balancing Act Yoga


Balance poses offer both physical and mental benefits. Physically, you will strengthen and elongate your muscles, get to know your center of gravity and how to align yourselves, improve the function of the equilibrium receptors in the body, and learn the important yoga principle of rooting down.

As for mental benefits, balance poses will teach you how to keep attention focused and disregard external stimulation, how to stay steady in one place for a while, and how to find inner center and equanimity; important qualities both on and off your yoga mat!


Pathways to Wellbeing

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Valley of Peace Rd.

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