Arvigo® Therapy in Belize
The Arvigo Techniques of
Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT)

were developed by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN. based on her apprenticeship with the Maya healer Don Elijio Panti and her own education, training, and research as a naprapathic physician.  

 Arvigo Therapy® Treatment

This technique is performed externally by gently guiding and supporting organs back into their optimal position, allowing for improved functioning for optimal health and wellness.

Arvigo® Therapy is best known for addressing misalignment or congestion in the reproductive organs of both men and women, as well as many common digestive disorders.


This techniques help to restore the body to its natural balance by correcting the position of organs that have shifted and to improve the vital flows of energy, blood, lymph and nerves in the abdomen.  They address and can release emotional and energetic tension.  This assists to prevent the progression of chronic disease symptomatology while improving the body’s ability to self repair and balance.

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® support and enhance health and wellness throughout the life cycle for women, men, and children.

What to expect during a session

  • Comprehensive review of personal health history & health care goals


  • Upper and lower abdominal massage focused on aligning pelvic & abdominal organs and to help improve circulation to abdominal organs

  • Massage to the back, hips and sacrum to encourage optimal alignment.

  • Neuromuscular massage to mid and lower back muscles

  • Corrections to sacral and pelvic structures

  • Instruction on Self Care massage which is very important to enhance your healing process.

  • Recommendations of complementary modalities to support your health and wellness that may include:

    • The wearing of a Faja (a traditional lower abdomen supportive wrap)

    • Bajos (a traditional herbal pelvic steam bath of the Maya)

    • Castor oil packs and Lifestyle education.

  • I will work with you to address your specific needs and may suggest a course of treatments. Typically, 3 to 6 professional sessions are required to address most conditions. Some conditions such as organ prolapse may require further attention over a longer period of time.

Herbs are healing and regenerative, but they have no hands. (Rosita Arvigo)

Eva Maria Sengfelder (CMT, CAP, ASHP, ACSCT, ASHT) is a certified practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® with advanced training in women’s wellness applications. 

She has offered clients relief from discomforts caused by stressful or active lifestyles, traumatic accidents and surgeries. She is passionate about educating her clients; wherever they happen to be on their life journey  so  they are more informed about their wellness and feel more empowered to make better choices for themselves – to benefit their personal wellness today and the wellness of the generations that follow.  She is looking forward to working with you.


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